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Meet Keith “Happy” Hapip, Top Salesman of the Eide Automotive Group in 2023

Posted at Thu, Apr 4, 2024 8:45 AM

Keith Hapip is one of our Salesmen at Eide Ford Mandan. He began his career as a Sales Consultant in this building in 2002, making this year his 22nd anniversary. 

“I love working in the automotive industry, and especially for the Eide organization,” says Keith. “I love working with my customers each day, and the people I work with are awesome, especially the management, because they are easy to work with and help you to succeed.” 

Keith has always had major success in his field. Last year, he was the top salesman in the Eide Automotive Group, selling 424 vehicles! And this isn’t the first time he has had major success. After just 9 years, Keith hit his record of 499 vehicles sold in 2011. Everyday, everyone Keith works with sees his dedication and motivation to succeed and grow.

 “I am immensely grateful to be a part of the Eide family,” Keith says. “Eide is very reputable, and because of this, I have been able to invest my whole self into my career. Along with the amazing personnel I get to work with each day, it has been able to see how much our store has been able to grow the past few years, and I am blessed to be a part of it.”

“I have always been a big car guy. I grew up working a farm, so we always had to be able to fix our vehicles. This mechanical background has aided in my love of the automotive industry.”

“Everyday, I get to see something new. All situations are different, and I absolutely love working with my customers. I have developed many strong relationships and friendships along the way, and am able to bring my motto of “creating a time saving and efficient car buying experience” to all of my customers.

“Keith is a machine,” says Ryan Friesner, Sales Manager at Eide Ford Mandan. “He is extremely hard working, with an excellent customer base. And since Eide, we have seen a renewed love of the industry in him, and a motivation that helps drive the whole sales floor.”

“Keith always goes above and beyond to provide good customer service to all of his customers,” says Adam Griffith, General Manager at Eide Ford Mandan. “The way he takes care of his customers is admirable, and contributes to his loyal customer base. We are very proud of his accomplishment of being the top Salesman in the Eide Automotive Group in 2023, and are excited to see his growth as we continue through the year.”

In his free time. Keith likes to spend time camping and fishing in the summer, and spending time with his wife and grandchildren.

Thank you, Keith, for all you have done for Eide Ford Mandan, and for all of our customers!

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