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Windshield Protection


Windshield Surface Protection

Keep Your Windshield Clean and Clear of Chip, Nicks and Scratches 

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Carefree Windshield Surface Protection''r.1 is a silane based formula applied to the windshield at the dealership that helps to improve windshield visibility by creating a water repellent barrier and increases the windshield's resistance to minor chips, nicks and scratches.


  • If the product does not work as intended, the windshield will be cleaned, repaired and/or replaced and the product will be reapplied to the repaired or replaced surfaces. The aggregate amount of all repairs or replacements is limited to $3,500 OEM Replacement, $5,000 OEE Replacement or $5,000 OEM Replacement. Recalibration of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) cameras, up to $260 for a single camera and up to $500 if dual recalibration is required
  • Transferable on the first resale of the vehicle only, not cancelable.
  • Major repairs on today’s automobiles can be costly. Help protect your investment and your peace of mind with a Car Care Service Plan.


  • 36, 48, and 60 month term duration options


  • No age limit or mileage restrictions


  • $0.00

State availability

  • Available in all states, except New York and Puerto Rico

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